A few snaps from previous posts. On to bigger and better things.

busy bee

I feel terrible for not posting in eons, but I have been so damn busy for weeks now! 
Working towards a promotion (finger's crossed) at one job...
...and a million samples to be cut at the other job...
...and a recent fitting for a custom wedding dress in my studio at home...
...and planning a trip to Ethiopia in just two weeks time!!! Phew . . . I can't believe I have managed any amount of sleep, but I just know it's all going to be worth it.
Here's a little snapshot of my work space at home and what's been keeping me occupied. 
I hope there are still some readers out there! 

spring/ summer 2012, ready-to-wear

row 1: 3.1 phillip lim,   row 2: calvin klein,   row 3. marc by marc
row 4: valentino,   row 5: oscar de la renta,   row 6: the row + jason wu
all photos,

I know, I know, the pre-fall and fall collections have already hit the runway, meaning I am now months behind.
But, where I'm from, it's still considered winter and I can't skip over a whole season when I haven't even had a chance to enjoy the perfection that strutted down the runway for spring/ summer 2012.
So, I've posted a few of my favorite looks to sum up what 'warm weather dressing done right' will look like this year. 
Crisp, clean and elongated silhouettes done with soft fabrics in bold blocks of color.
To buy: a red dress for day, a bright tailored blouse, and an elongated blazer/ vest.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all! 
Resolutions so far include Ethiopia, homemade haute couture, and eliminating the word 'impossible'. 

snapshots: autumn 2011

And so the days pass, and the seasons with it. Yesterday being the winter solstace was cause to reflect on a beautiful autumn before plunging into the next few months of undeniable winter. . . 

covets: fall 2012


1. anorak, zara
2. snakeskin clutch, primary new york
3. tunic dress, wilfred
4. leather biker jacket, asos
5. fox fur shawl, dace
6. sweater, theory
7. leather bootie, asos
8. draped pants, donna karan
9. cropped pants, gap
10. handbag, le chateau

There is always so much to choose from the fall/ winter collections. Really, I would be content if either Theory or Dace just gave me one of everything, but I don't think those kind of dreams really come true. For now, I will be content as long as I find some chunky heeled moto boots (to replace those I had to heartbreakingly dispose of) and something furry.

Donna Karan F/W 2011





all images courtesy of

One of the most luxurious and elegant collections of the season for sure. In my mind, these clothes are perfect: from the palette of rich neutrals and decadent textured fabrics to the sleek womanly shapes and intricate draping. I am dying for a hooded blouse (images 3 & 9) and those high waisted, twisted leg trousers (image 7). . . I wonder if I could hope to make some of my own?